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    Sourcing products from overseas, or ordering their manufacture, can often present logistical difficulties for a company acting alone – communicating with the manufacturers can be difficult, ensuring you can guarantee quality from the factories becomes just as hard and the time and money involved in this can be a serious drain on resources.

    That’s where we here at Red House Global come in – providing an expert service in managing and sourcing high volume manufacturing of products in China. Being able to guarantee a consistent level of quality is essential when you’re dealing with large orders, whether it’s small components or larger complete products. That’s why we’re able to deal directly with the factories through our additional offices in China, providing the perfect link for you to be closely involved throughout the entire high volume manufacturing process.

    Red House Global

    So if your business in need of high volume manufacturing orders for any number of products, from plastics goods to electronics, then our UK and China based services here at Red House Global can help supply you with the perfect product. Thanks to our ideal locations both here at abroad, we’re able to effectively manage high quantity orders, whether regular rolling contracts or one-off orders, to ensure strict adherence to your requirements and a consistent high level of quality.

    For more information on any of our high volume manufacturing, sourcing, shipping and distribution services simply call the team at Red House Global today on +44 (0) 1234 376796. You can also email us direct using the online contact form found on our website – however you decide to get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to help get the sourcing and manufacturing process rolling.


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