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    Here at Red House Global, we understand the importance of sourcing reliable products that are within your budget – but we also understand the difficulties that this can bring for many companies, regardless of size. Whether your company is a small start-up business or a much larger corporate firm, the problems faced with organising the manufacturing of plastic goods in China can cost large amounts in time, money and resources.

    That’s why we offer a comprehensive and reliable service to source products, factories and shipping arrangements for the kind of products you need – whether they’re standard production items or something bespoke, and regardless of the size of order. Manufacturing plastic goods in China is the speciality of numerous factories that we work with here at Red House Global and, thanks to our presence and the ideal local presence of our offices, we’re able to personally able to visit factories to find the most suitable setup for your orders and to guarantee the high quality standards you expect.

    Red House Global

    Due to both our UK-based and China-based offices, we’re able to deal with and monitor the entire process of sourcing and manufacturing your plastic goods in China, communicating effectively with your firm and with the factories in China. As we’re able to oversee the entire process from start to finish, from the moment you place your order through to the final quality checks and shipping organisation, we can offer our clients an unrivalled level of service with impeccably high quality results.

    The ideal location of our China offices means that we can also organise visits to the factories we work with, allowing you to personally oversee the process and ensure that the quality of both plastic products and work environment is in line with your needs. For more information on the process for manufacturing plastic goods in China, and any of our additional services, simply call us direct on +44 (0) 1234 376796.


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    Dragons Den members and Reestore Ltd set Red House Global the task to source and manufacture 100% recycled plastic bins.
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