Sourcing suppliers and manufacturers of products from China can be an arduous task – while many businesses there speak English, there are 15 Chinese-speaking operations for ever four English speaking ones, making the language barrier a key hurdle for overseas businesses. If undertaken independently by your business, it means liaising with manufacturers directly with difficulty in ensuring you’ve chosen the right firm and factory for your needs.

That’s where we come in here at Red House Global; with our ideally located offices in both UK and China, we’re able to liaise directly with your firm and the sourced manufacturers in China. Thanks to our direct contact for the factories and manufacturers, we’re able to personally verify the quality of your order and can even arrange factory visits for your firm to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

Here at Red House Global, we specialise in sourcing products and manufacturers in China, utilising our contacts and industry knowledge to ensure we select the right manufacturers to suit your order – with close ties to Chinese manufacturers of plastic products, electronics, sewn goods, glassware and more, we can source the manufacturer best suited to your needs.