Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Red House Global?
    Our relationships with the factories in China and our experience provides us with the ability to negotiate lower prices than you could if you were to try to do it on your own.

    We know the business culture in China, what not to do, and how to solve problems should they arise. Our experience means you save money and time.

    Our expert staff will use a variety of specialized sourcing resources using both Chinese and English languages in the searches. This is key as most manufacturers in China do not have English capabilities. Generally for every 4 companies that have English capabilities there are 15 that only speak Chinese.

    How do we guarantee acceptable quality?
    We inspect factories to ensure that production methods are capable of consistently delivering the required quality. The vast majority of factories that we use are at least ISO9000 accredited, and consequently produce consistent quality to, or above the laid down standards applicable to their accreditation.

    What types of products do you source?
    We source all manner of consumer products with almost no limitation. We are experienced in consumer electronics, sewn goods, injected plastic items, glassware, and metallic products.

    Can I order small quantities?

    Do you own any of the Chinese factories that you deal with?
    No, because we like to remain independent and find the most suitable options for our customers, and we do not believe that ‘one size does fits all’. However, we do have special relationships and exclusive rights with some factories that have consistently provided excellent service and value. These factories’ products are not however recommended to potential customers if we do not believe it is the best option for them.

    What kind of products do you work with?
    We work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, glass, leather or nylon.

    Ordering and Shipping of Samples
    We can arrange the shipping of samples from the factory to your facilities including packaging, shipping, insurance and any customs declarations. The cost of this will depend on the size and complexity of the product. In many instances we can get the factory to send them directly at no cost.



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    Dragons Den members and Reestore Ltd set Red House Global the task to source and manufacture 100% recycled plastic bins.
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