Quality Control

Taking quality control to new levels Stories of poor quality goods being imported from China…

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Product Development

What we offer new businesses Redhouse Global offers new businesses excellent product development and sourcing…

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Importing from China At Red House Global we understand that importing goods from another country…

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  • Product Sourcing
  • Quality Control
  • Prototyping
  • Factory Visits
  • Shipping
  • Managing the end to end Chinese manufacturing process from design, through to prototyping and production including packaging concepts
  • Providing a UK or China based point ofcontact to discuss any production issues ordeal with technical questions
  • Supply chain management
  • Develop and negotiate with existing contacts
  • Storage/Distribution

We also provide a full range of marketing services so not only can we manufacture and deliver your product but we can also ensure that it is marketed correctly helping you to gain maximum exposure for minimal outlay.