Why Red House Global

    Manufacturing and then importing from China can seem daunting, especially if you are a comparatively small business and have never thought about ‘Global Sourcing’. In reality, it is difficult; just the protocol of being able to enter Southern China, which is now recognized as being the global manufacturing centre, is a formidable task in itself. Don’t be put off; the benefits of having your product(s) produced in China to very high standards make the whole process worthwhile and viable. We know because we have been doing this for years.

    We are a UK based company with offices throughout China, aiming to save our customers up to 50% on their manufacturing costs. This enables us to negotiate directly with the factory on your behalf and also make regular factory visits to check on quality. We are on site to resolve problems quickly to save time and money.

    Whether you need to import products by the container or by the carton we can help.  We import containers every month and our smaller customers can utilise space on these, saving costs on delivery and having peace of mind that their shipment will be monitored closely.

    Red House Global is the total solution for importing goods from China, and we can arrange all transportation details and import duties for you. We provide a complete service for anyone needing China sourcing support, including rapid prototyping. Our professional staff and factories are dedicated to protecting the exclusivity of your ideas and products.

    Quality Control

    Stories of poor quality goods being imported from China are widespread. 99% of these problems arise from lack of quality control. Our customers expect low costs on their products from China but they also demand high quality. Red House Global takes quality control to new levels.

    Our initial contact with the factory includes an evaluation by our China team to make sure that our standards are met. Once this has been confirmed we carry out spot checks of quality during the manufacturing process, with one final check prior to shipment.

    Maintaining our high quality control standards has led to satisfied customers which means increased loyalty and future orders. The customer benefits from product confidence, less paperwork and better margins.


Red House

    Dragons Den members and Reestore Ltd set Red House Global the task to source and manufacture 100% recycled plastic bins.
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